NBP PROEDU Workflow Suite for Photoshop (WIN/macOS)

Introducing a whole new level of control for retouchers and photographers. The Plugin Workflow Suite contains all 4 proprietary retouching plugins for Frequency Separation, Advanced Color Grading with Gradient Maps, Advanced Luminosity Masking Engines, and precise sharpening so your images are perfect, every time.

Features :

    Instantly apply precise color mapping from anywhere, right onto your images. ColourMap X allows a user to sample color swatches and color grades from virtually anywhere, and instantly apply these gradient maps to your image to give it the exact color grade you or your client needs. A perfect tool to match sets of images from different locations. Color should be fun, not a confusing mess in layers.
    – Machine learning based algorithm.
    – Choose 1 to 10 color swatch samples to extract.
    – Match any image or source file
    – Completely adjustable at any point
    – Shift (or shuffle) extracted colors automatically
    – Export & Import your custom color palettes
    If you’re familiar with the process of utilizing frequency separation in your retouching workflow, then you’re probably aware – and frustrated by – the lack of total control and somewhat average results you get while using it. While the method remains a skin retouching staple, the core approach to setting it up in Photoshop has been more or less the same for a while now, and accepted as such. Never let your retouching go too far, with the control of FreqSep Control.
    – Internal 32-bit calculation
    – 8bit, 16bit, 32bit compatible
    – Multi-threaded & vectorized code
    – Work with your existing FS workflow
    – Edge preservation of low frequency layer
    – Active previewing
    For years, luminosity masks in a retouching workflow have been utilized by countless retouchers and editors, and for good reason. Many elaborate Photoshop Actions have been scripted and sold for the purposes of luminosity mask creation over the years, several involving “storing” dozens of masks in the Channels palette, to be called on as needed. With Lumizone, you have a dedicated piece of intelligent software at your disposable to give you the instant control you need to create precise masks for incredible results.
    – Generate luminosity masks for any layer
    – Actively change each luminosity mask at any point
    – Create R, G, B Luminosity Channel Masks
    – Create masks from overall luminosity
    – Create masks from image saturation map
    Sharpening exactly where you want with the exact amount, is a marvelous tool. Welcome to your intelligent Software tool, Ultra Sharp™. Ultra Sharp can sharpen an image across 5 different scales, giving you ultimate control and no haloing, thanks to the edge preservation algorithm that we’ve built in our proprietary software.
  • The sharpness of an image controls how much detail can be seen, and where the viewer’s eye goes. Proper sharpening is critical to the look of a polished photograph. The last thing any photographer or retoucher wants is for a well taken image to end up too soft or too crunchy.
    – Machine learning based algorithm
    – Works on 8, 16, and 32-bit files
    – No haloing or other sharpening artifacts
    – Floating software panel built into PS
    – Sharpening across 5 different detail scales, in one layer
    – Live Preview Mode to see sharpening in real time
    – Intensity adjustment slider

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