Microsoft Activation Scripts v1.5 – Open Source & Clean from Antivirus Detection

Microsoft Activation Script.cmd Windows and Office Activator, Open Source and clean from Antivirus Detection. Digital License (HWID) is a permanent activation for your system Hardware, it means once activated, you’ll always automatically get a digital license, even after system reinstall, although you’ll have to connect to internet once to get license after reinstall.
You can establish all supported editions, Digital license in your system. To easily establish HWID for all the editions, you can use Change W10 Edition Option. This activation does not install any files in your system.

Features :

  • HWID Activation[Downlevel & Lockbox Method]
  • KMS38 Activation[With protection & Uninstallation option]
  • Online KMS Activation[Batch file based, no KMS related .dll .exe required]
  • $OEM$ Folder For Preactivation
  • Activation Troubleshoot
  • Insert Windows 10-11 HWID Key
  • Change Windows 10-11 Edition
  • Available in All In One & Separate Files Version

Whats New:

  • All
    Support added for Windows build 22483 and later (No wmic.exe issue)
    Support added for ARM64 architecture in all the scripts
    Made sure script run fine where path variables are misconfigured in system
    Made sure script run fine from UNC path
    Improved text coloring method
    Script would show an error if ran directly from archive files
    Scripts would make sure to start from the system’s main architecture process
    All read me files are shifted to online for better update
    New discord channel and new main homepage added
    Various cosmetic improvements and bug fixes
  • HWID / KMS38
    HWID Support added for CloudEdition/N, IoTEnterpriseS editions. (IoTEnterpriseS key will be used to activate EnterpriseS 2021)
    KMS38 support added for all new Windows 10-11 and Server’s, KMS capable edition’s including core and acor editions
    HWID with Lockbox ticket option is added
    x86-x64 Lockbox slc.dll is created by @mspaintmsi, @qxkqf ported it to ARM64 slc.dll
    KMS38 Protection and KMS38 uninstall option is added
    Ticket generation option is added
    Improved key detection logic, now it can support custom build editions
    Fixed issues where in certain languages OS’s, script would show incorrect status of services
    Improved script options if required key is not found in script
    Improved script options if an edition is not supporting HWID currently but may support in future
  • Online KMS
    All related scripts are merged in one in separate files version, with onscreen choice options
    KMS server selection process is improved to make it fail-proof, server numbers are increased to 16
    Improved error handling and display messages
    From now on, KMS server IP address will be used for activation instead of hostname to avoid detection by AV’s and MS
    While using manual mode (no renewal task), a non-existent IP will be left in registry to avoid Office non genuine banner issue
    For renewal task, a separate small script will be used to only renew activation, instead of running full script, every week
    Base script is updated to use abbodi1406’s latest KMS_VL_ALL-45u (09-Jan-2022)
    Major changes-
    Support added for Windows 10 ARM64, Office 2021, all new Windows and Server editions
    VBS method will be used for WMI in Windows build 22483 and later
    Enhanced detection for Office C2R vNext subscriptions
    Check Activation Status[wmi] will show vNext subscriptions status using vNextDiag.ps1 (require Powershell / WMF 4 or later on Windows 7)
  • Various fixes for Office activation
    This new script is added in root folder to verify files with hashes and to remove Zone.Identifier from files (to prevent SmartScreen warnings)
  • Activation Troubleshoot
    This new script is added in Extras section to deal with activation issues. Various options are added with proper onscreen info and warning’s.
  • Change_W10_11_Edition
    Now it can change the Windows editions from Core to Non core too with proper error handling. Works on Windows build 10240 and later

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