MacOS Big Sur v11.3 (20E232) (For VMWare)

A VMware virtual machine with macOS installed. Before starting work with the machine, be sure to apply VMware Unlocker as administrator. The required screen resolution should be set automatically in accordance with the settings of the computer on which the virtual machine is running. Choose the rest of the parameters (the number of CPU cores, memory, etc.) according to your hardware.

  • To start the machine, the processor must support virtualization and DEP
  • If virtualization and DEP are disabled, enable them via BIOS
  • To reduce the brakes, it is recommended to run in VMware Player
  • Attention! Use VMware Workstation, not VMware Player for correct and complete machine setup
  • Attention! This image is designed to work with the current version of VMware Workstation
  • Attention! Applications for OS X that require 3D acceleration (OpenGL) cannot be run due to the lack of required drivers
  • The only video player that plays a video on this build is Movist, the rest have only sound without images
  • The ⌘ (Command) key is the default key (Windows)

How To Install ?

  1. Install VMware Workstation or VMware Player. Unpack the macOS Big Sur.7z archive
  2. Apply the patch from the VMware Unlocker archive on behalf of the administrator (see the Tablet line in the topic header)
  3. Open the macOS Big Sur.vmx file via File-> Open
  4. Configure the virtual machine for your hardware.
  5. Launch

VMware Unlocker (you need to download the file) :

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MacOS Big Sur v11.3 (20E232) (For VMWare) | Magnet

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